A player focused on sustainability

  • DAV positions as a pioneer in the development of sustainable products and dedicates important efforts to reduce its impact on the planet.
  • The Group applies Eco-conception standards to lower its impact on the environment. DAV know-how enables us to develop products according to the environment friendly norm CEN TS 16524, resulting in significant environmental performance improvements:
    • Reduction of 70% for use of rare minerals and critical raw material
    • -20% in products' electric consumption
    • -86% in non-recyclable or reusable components
    • Refrigerant carbon footprint divided by 450

The most sustainable cooling system on the market

  • Coolers being a significant contributor to draft beer carbon footprint, the Group invested significant efforts to develop sustainable, greener cooling systems.
  • As a result, the Group is one of the rare offering a wide range of cooling systems using Propane Gas, dividing the carbon footprint by 450 compared to R134A

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