Who are we ?

A historical and leading player on the French market…

DAV (Duflot Antoine Vaché) is the historical player and leader on the French beer dispensing market. Since its creation in 1959, DAV never stopped growing to become the undisputed provider of dispensing equipment to French distributors.

… and now well established internationally

After several successful developments at European level, DAV now positions itself as an international player able to serve its customers all over the world.

DAV Milestones

  • 1959: Duflot Company foundation
  • 1966: Product offering extension to cooling systems
  • 1982: Acquisition of Antoine Vaché, the company becomes DAV
  • 1987: Acquisition of Inoxy France, specialized in stainless steel manufacturing and transformation
  • 1993/1994: Acquisition of Gruffy (specialized in post-mix and beverage dispensing IT systems)
  • 1995: Creation of the Export division (UK)
  • 2001: Acquisition of HVM horeca (Netherlands)
  • 2011: Acquisition of Camar to reach leadership on the French market
  • 2015 : HVM horeca becomes DAV Holland

The strength of the FIDAV Group

  • Strong and rich from a large History, DAV also benefits from being part of the larger FIDAV Group (55M€ turnover and >200 employees)

The full product range for a Premium beer experience

  • DAV designs and produces high quality beer dispensing systems components for a perfect customer experience, meeting consumers and brewers expectations for Premium products delivery.
  • Not limited to serve the best possible beer, DAV products are also designed considering brewers marketing aspirations in terms of image (esthetic and qualitative products) or performance (profitability through lower waste or sustainability with greener products).

Product characteristics fully in line with brewers' requirements

  • DAV product characteristics perfectly meet brewers' requirements for high quality beer dispensing.
  • The Group offers both Standard and Customized equipment and is active across the different manufacturing stages, from design and engineering to production.
  • In addition, DAV offers installation and maintenance service in certain geographies. 

DUFLOT ANTOINE VACHE ( DAV ) has , since 1959, an equipment manufacturer for the beverage pressure draw ( such as beer, fruit juice and wine).

Leader on the French market, DAV distributes its products through its 10 agencies. DAV is also present in the main European countries in direct or through local partners.


Its product range includes:

  • Cold material:
    • Beer coolers , independent distributors , wine draw, juice dispensers,
    • Wine cellars, refrigerated display, refrigerated and ventilated rear bars
  • Brewery equipment and restaurants such as columns , shelves and racks , beer taps
  • the cellar of material that includes, among other hoses , regulators, fittings
  • postmix the material to distribute sodas and fruit juices
  • the stainless steel tube to manufacture coils
  • coils
Cold production line
Manufacturing stainless steel tube
Manufacture of coils
5000 m² storage

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